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Glastonbury Republicans have a long history of sound governance and fiscal responsibility. Under Republican leadership, Glastonbury has been recognized as one of the best-managed and most desirable towns in Connecticut. Our priorities have included quality of life, public safety, and a top-notch school system. Moreover, Glastonbury is a leader in conservation, "green initiatives" and land preservation, and our AAA bond rating is an acknowledgment of our years of skillful, conservative fiscal management.

These results don’t just happen and this is why we are fighting to return to the leadership majority, to protect and keep Glastonbury a special place for all of us to call home.

Our Values

In our view of the republic, the individual and family are paramount while government is to be limited. Individuals may freely choose their path in life and raise their children according to their values and beliefs, not those of a government agency, including our public schools. We believe in liberty and self-determination in all spheres of life - economic, political, and religious. We believe in traditional American values of honesty, fairness, hard work, personal responsibility, equality of opportunity, love of country, and respect for all human life. We are opposed to censorship or compelled speech, and discrimination based on differing points of view. We believe that privacy is for citizens and transparency is for government. Our basic rights are God-given, not bestowed by any government.

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We Did It!

December 2, 2023

Below is a message from Yankee Institute, expanding on recent efforts to defeat Gov. Lamont’s regulatory proposal to ban sales of new gas powered vehicles by 2035.  But it is…

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Upcoming Vote On Proposed Ban on Sale of New Gas Powered Vehicles

November 21, 2023

Connecticut Republicans are fighting back against Democrats’ proposed ban on sale of new gas-powered vehicles. CT Senate, House Republicans & CT industry leaders hold a press conference in advance of…

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