Also from SCOTUS…..Lost Amid the Furor

SCOTUS rules 9-0 in favor of religious expression.

Lost amidst the furor over the leaked draft abortion opinion by Justice Alito was the SCOTUS decision (5/2/2022) in Shurtleff vs. Boston. In a rare unanimous ruling, the plaintiff in this religious liberty case prevailed.  Mr. Shurtleff had requested to fly the Christian flag at Boston City Hall, where flags of many different organizations had been displayed over the years.  He was turned down, based on the city’s position that it would thereby be endorsing a religion.

Here is a succinct opinion from Justice Kavanaugh:

Under the Constitution, a government may not treat religious persons, religious organizations, or religious speech as second-class.

In this era, when our culture seems to be headed the wrong way, it is encouraging to see SCOTUS strike a blow for freedom!

Nick Korns, Chairman, GRTC

Nick Korns