Kali Cavanaugh

Hello!  My name is Kali Cavanaugh and I am excited to be running for a seat on the Board of Education this election season.  I moved to Glastonbury while I was finishing college, and shortly after settling in, living on my own in the village of South Glastonbury, I met my husband while waiting tables at the South Tavern.  My husband and I have since planted deep roots in this town, and welcomed a daughter to our family.  It is my sincere hope that she will benefit from all this community has to offer for years to come.  I have worked with children and adolescents throughout my career, and currently work for the juvenile court conducting forensic evaluations.  I am well versed in having difficult conversations, and advocating for the best way to handle complex situations, keeping the best interests of youth and their communities in mind.

While there is great focus on meeting our children’s emotional needs, our schools and community need to remember that teaching kindness is only one part of the equation.  In addition to their emotional skills, there needs to be an emphasis on the different strengths our children bring to this world, and the learning styles that suit them.  “Traditional” academics are not the catch all for the whole student population, however.  A focus on workforce development and a critical need for greater exploration of options among the trades benefits all students.  Our children also deserve a greater focus on broad functional skills to promote independence and financial freedom; skills they can take into their lives immediately upon graduation.

This year, as a community, our goal should be to restore a balanced perspective in the decision making arenas that affect our children.  How do we do this?

  • Create more opportunities for community voices to be heard.
  • Develop opportunities for community volunteers on BOE subcommittees.
  • Promote checks and balances via a representative Board that ensures fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers, while truly listening and welcoming taxpayer perspectives that are voiced.

While we may not always agree on everything, a one sided Board forfeits valuable perspectives that may shed light on forgotten issues.  If elected, I vow to work towards a participatory democracy with greater community control, be direct in addressing the concerns of our community members, advocate for transparency in board decisions and public process, and hold our public schools accountable for meeting the needs of our families.  I thank you for your support.

Kali Cavanaugh

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