Kevin Nursick

I am a longtime Glastonbury resident with strong connections to our community having lived in our town’s center for some 40-years now. I would describe myself as bringing a spirited perspective to the Republican slate, with deep concerns about the changing character and priorities of our town. Glastonbury is becoming perpetually developed and less affordable for so many of our current residents with each passing election cycle.

My focus is on prioritizing affordability and quality of life for you – our town residents:

  • Holding the line on property taxes, better yet – reducing them
  • Better managing, mitigating or resisting seemingly endless neighborhood-altering developments
  • Effectively working with law enforcement to markedly improve safety and better deter and reduce crime

These are my primary interests and concern. My core values and principles center on fiscal restraint in government, making due with less (the way many of our residents do), and always remembering that the wallets and purses of our taxpayers are not an open checkbook for the town to tap into.

I attended the Glastonbury school system, graduating from GHS in 1991. Some folks may recognize me from my 17-year career as the Spokesman for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, prior to which I served for four years in the Governor’s Office. I have a criminal justice degree, and during college I also interned in the Connecticut General Assembly, the Governor’s Office, and the campus police department, as well as serving two seasons with the Metropolitan District Commission Police Department as a Summer Patrolman.

I believe firmly in putting the concerns of taxpayers first and foremost in government operations and considerations. During my years at the CTDOT, I prided myself on always keeping an outsider’s perspective – a taxpayer’s perspective – feeling it was my personal and professional obligation to be transparent, accurate, and straight-talking with the people paying the bills – you, the public. I intend to bring that same mentality to the Town Council by focusing on what truly matters to taxpayers and residents of our once small town by maintaining a modest, fiscally restrained, and cost-effective town government while holding onto and rebuilding the rural character and lifestyle that is slowly disappearing from Glastonbury. Overdevelopment, consistently increasing cost burdens being placed on residents and families already calling Glastonbury home, and a less safe feeling in town than most can ever recall, are just some of the concerns that I have and wish to address.

You and I may not agree on every finite detail;  folks seldom do – but I am always willing to listen and hear you out, and to remain open minded.   I do hope that what you have read here will give you a sense of where my heart is when it comes to the future of our town and its priorities. I look forward to seeing and meeting with you soon as I get around town to introduce myself to those who might not know me.

Thank you very much for your time and interest.

Kevin Nursick