Kim Finocchiaro

Hello and good day to you!

My name is Kim Finocchiaro, and I am honored and thankful to have had the pleasure of calling Glastonbury my home for 45 years. My husband Mark and I are parents of two wonderful children (young adults now), and not a day goes by that I am not appreciative of the decision my parents made years ago to move my sister and me to Glastonbury when we were just young children. Once rooted here in town, I knew this is where I would raise my family.

Glastonbury has been nothing short of a remarkable place to live in, and to watch our family grow and flourish. Both my son Kevin and my daughter Megan attended the Glastonbury school system, as did my husband and I. Having spent virtually my entire life in town, I have deep roots in Glastonbury. My sister, her husband and three children, my parents, my sister in-law, her husband, and children – all call Glastonbury their home. My family has operated a small business in town and my sister in-law and brother in-law continue to operate a cornerstone of our community – Lottie’s Country Kitchen.

While I have lived here for nearly a half-century, this is also where I intend to stay. As a candidate for Town Council with numerous family members, friends, and local networks here in town, I am absolutely committed not only to Glastonbury, but being part of a team who want to work for you to improve it.

I have personally seen significant changes in Glastonbury over the years, some good, and frankly, others not so good. As a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience as a Controller, Director of Strategic Programs, and Vice President of Shared Financial Services, I am keenly aware of financial operations and how they integrate in business as well as public settings. I feel that my professional background in finances makes me even more cognizant of how increasing property taxes on those living in town can directly impact their bottom line as well as the options available for families. In this regard, I am committed to ensuring that your hard-earned tax dollars are utilized prudently and judiciously so as not to further drive-up costs for our residents.

I truly wish to give back to, as well as help shape and improve Glastonbury for current residents and future generations by serving on the Town Council. My philosophy is simple – getting back to basics. Glastonbury residents and our children deserve an excellent school system and quality town services. But they also need an affordable tax structure, not tax increases. We also need to work at reducing crime, and address development that risks permanently altering the rural charm of Glastonbury.

Kim Finocchiaro