Lillian Tanski


I have lived in Glastonbury since 2007 with my husband, John, a lifelong Glastonbury resident, and our four children, all of whom attend Glastonbury schools.  Soon after arriving in town, I began to volunteer, serving as President of the Glastonbury Newcomers and Neighbors Club, a member of the Glastonbury Lions Club, a PTO volunteer and a religious education teacher at Saints Isidore and Maria, among other roles.
I served on the Welles-Turner Library Board, Town Plan and Zoning, the Board of Education and for two years now the Glastonbury Town Council.  Since joining Council, I also serve on the Glastonbury Racial Justice and Equity Commission and the Affordable Housing Steering Committee.
My family chose Glastonbury as our home because we value the strong community, excellent schools, safety and beauty that Glastonbury offers all its residents.  I choose to volunteer for our town because I want to safeguard Glastonbury’s many assets and be a part of helping our town continue these traditions into a strong and sustainable future.  While serving under Republican and Democrat majorities, I have been a strong and independent voice for fiscal responsibility and high quality services as well as government transparency and accountability.
Many important issues face Glastonbury today:  rising dangerous crimes, upward pressure on tax rates, the ongoing need to shore up our town’s pension liability, and the need to create updates in  zoning regulations to meet state affordable housing mandates.  While responding to these issues I remain dedicated to also ensuring high quality economic redevelopment, and protecting the lifestyle and environment that all residents of Glastonbury cherish.
We must make sure our Town Council and all government bodies operate transparently and accountably, include all community members in our decisions, and treat everyone with respect.  These principles are needed to make sure the Council leads as promised and to guarantee that we continue to be blessed not only by all the assets of our town, but also to thrive as a community that is welcoming and caring of all its members.
Lillian Tanski