Stephen Michaels

Empowering Glastonbury’s Future, One Student at a Time!

I am thrilled to introduce myself as a candidate for the Glastonbury Board of Education, one of 3 excellent Republican candidates, and I am excited about the opportunity to serve our community and its most precious asset – our children. I am dedicated to ensuring that every child in Glastonbury receives the best possible education and real-life skills to thrive in the real world after school.

Before diving into my professional background, I’m delighted to say I’ve been a resident of this wonderful town for over 10 years. My wife, Jennine, and I are proud parents of four wonderful children, Gavin, Patrick, Mason, and Connor. Yes, 4 boys in 4 different schools here in Glastonbury Public Schools. That’s 4 bus routes, 4 sets of teachers, 4 mascots, 4 principals, 4 sets of counselors, etc., and 4 years from now, I’ll still have 3 kids in 2 different schools. 4 years after that, I’ll still have one. Like all parents, my wife and I want the very best for our kids. This has driven me to be deeply involved in our community and our schools and to work tirelessly to make Glastonbury schools the best they can be.

With a background in Financial Services, I bring a unique set of skills to the table. Through years of hard work consulting with multimillion dollar organizations, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, income statements, balance sheets, and budget management. The ever growing importance in this inflationary environment of tying things back to the line item from which they came. My promise to you is that I will work diligently to ensure that every dollar allocated to our schools is maximized for the benefit of our students, athletes, musicians, artists, and teachers. Efficient financial management means more resources for our classrooms, extracurricular activities, and support programs. Every penny counts.

I’ve been asked a hundred times, “why are you running again?” My answer is, as I mentioned earlier, I’m invested in GPS with 4 kids in 4 different schools, hence I’ve got skin in the game. I’m running to further our history of excellence for my kids and kids after them. In my term, I’d like to reduce class sizes, improve financial literacy, fix the parking problems at GHS, and unify our schools K-12 under one identity. Do I have all the answers on how? Definitely not, and I’ll work tirelessly to find a way.

I have been actively involved in various community initiatives that directly impact our students. I have coached Hartwell Soccer, coached Glastonbury Little League, been a Cub Scout Den Leader in Pack 180 (now Pack 241), chaperoned class trips, helped with PTO events, organized after-school programs, and advocated for improved technology in our classrooms. I have witnessed the incredible potential of our young minds to grow exponentially. They are some of the brightest and most talented kids in the country. I promise to continue this dedication on the Board of Education, making decisions that put our kids’ best interests at the forefront.

Together, we can achieve so much.   As a community, let’s work towards:

  • Academic Excellence: Striving for top-tier educational standards with smaller class sizes.
  • Innovation: Embracing modern teaching methods, technologies, and concepts.
  • Empowerment: Preparing our students for a successful future including real life skills in addition to academics, e.g. financial management, computer literacy including typing, etc .
  • True Acceptance: Ensuring every student feels welcome and supported while feeling part of something bigger than themselves.

I believe in collaboration, transparency, and open communication. I want to hear your thoughts and concerns. Together, we can shape the future of our education system.  Join me in this exciting journey towards an even brighter future for Glastonbury’s children. Let’s take our the schools that we are all so proud of, to new heights, where every child has the opportunity to shine.

Your support means the world to me. Together, we can make a difference!

Vote Stephen Michaels for Glastonbury Board of Education – Where Every Penny Counts, Because Every Child Deserves the Best!

More importantly, Vote Line B for Balance!

Thank you for your trust and support.


Stephen Michaels

(914) 329-2860

Stephen Michaels