More of Courtney’s Disregard for His Constituents

From  Mike France, candidate for Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District

After months of gaslighting on this topic, Joe Courtney and House Democrats finally come clean about banning gas stoves.  Families and local businesses are facing surging inflation with a potential recession around the corner and the last thing they need is another costly government mandate.

For most of 2023, Democrats have crowed that Republicans were fear mongering in their claim that Democrats wanted to ban gas stoves.  However, last week that farce became clear to everyone when Joe Courtney and 180 House Democrats voted to ban gas stoves and a host of other everyday items. [Source]   219 House Republicans were joined by 29 House Democrats in protecting natural gas powered stoves, outdoor heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, grills and water heaters.

This legislation that Courtney and House Democrats opposed protects the 187 million Americans who use gas stoves and ignores the environmental benefits that natural gas provides.  Homes that are not completely reliant on electricity emit 22% less CO2 and can save cash-strapped families approximately $1,000 per year.


“Rep. Joe Courtney and Democrats in Congress need to dispense with the gaslighting and extreme policies of the squad and get back to work for the American people.  Americans are facing enough problems without House Democrats creating another mandate that will cost families and businesses thousands of dollars.”


Courtney’s Hypocrisy on Full Display

“On May 11th, the House of Representatives adopted legislation to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis along our southern border. The Secure the Border Act included policies to disrupt the flow of deadly fentanyl into the United States and combat a system that – as it currently operates – incentivizes the trafficking and exploitation of children. What did our Representative, Joe Courtney, do when given the opportunity to take meaningful action to address this crisis? He voted NO, instead choosing to endorse a status quo that impacts communities not just at the border, but around the country.”

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