CT Republican Counter Proposal on Congressional Re-Districting

Yesterday, the Connecticut Republicans was the only non-legislative entity to offer any alternative Congressional Redistricting plan to the State Supreme Court.   Connecticut Republicans submitted two separate maps to the Special Master for consideration: one created a plan that is proportional by population, with population variance of less than .01% and reduces the number of split towns from 6 to 4.  The other minimizes split municipalities from 6 to 3 and has a population variance of -.04% – .01%.   Both plans fully comply with both federal and state law, and, more importantly, the Connecticut Constitution limiting the number of split towns.

“The Connecticut Republicans’ plans create districts that are more compact, more concise, ensure that each district is comprised of towns with community of interests, remove political gerrymandering, which all five Democrat members of Congress have said they support,” said CT GOP Chairman Proto.  He went on to say , “When crafting these maps, our main focus was to return the priority to the constituents, not the politicians. Specifically in the first congressional district, the justification of a ‘J’ shaped congressional district is tired and flawed. Moving the City of New Britain into CT-01 will enable it to benefit from efforts brought home to its neighboring suburbs and empower Connecticut’s Hispanic vote.”

To view the proposed re-districting maps, access the entire statement, here.