Dems Open the Door to Voter Fraud

Joe Biden can’t secure our nation’s borders, and Connecticut Democrats want to make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote in state elections.  One of the legislative session’s more controversial bills (H.B. 5057) landed in the Transportation Committee for a public hearing this week:  Governor Lamont’s proposal to make the “drive-only” licenses, available to undocumented individuals, indistinguishable from standard licenses used by legal citizens.

The Governor believes masking an undocumented individual’s immigration status by providing them a standard Connecticut license will make them less “vulnerable” in states that enforce immigration law, such as Florida.  We need more Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives to fight proposals such as this, and your help will allow us to provide candidates with support they need to flip targeted districts.

This proposal supported by legislative Democrats would erode the promise their majority party made in 2013, when they passed the original “drive-only” license bill over Republican objections.  In addition to removing “drive-only” language from the license, the Governor’s bill would also block DMV from including language indicating the license cannot be used for voting purposes.

If signed into law, this bill would cause confusion among local volunteer poll workers and diminish the integrity of the Election Day Registration and voting process, making it easier for bad actors to game our already-fragile system.  We’ll keep you updated about this bill as the session progresses, particularly if Democrats bury this proposal deep inside an omnibus bill.

P.S. — The Feb. 26 public hearing has passed, but you can still submit written testimony in opposition to H.B. 5057 by clicking here.


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