Gas tax supporters planning September push

The Transportation and Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) employs a program to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in the state. Since the implementation of tolls on the state roads did not work out for Democrats, they are trying a different approach.

TCI-P is a proposed multi-state agreement that will increase the price of gas and diesel fuel. Fuel distributors would need to buy credits – pay taxes to the state – to sell fuel. These tax increases on distributors will directly increase the price of fuel for consumers. From the Connecticut State Republicans…

Not only will that hurt middle class wallets at the pump, but it will cause prices on all necessities shipped throughout our state – from groceries to home heating oil – to increase too.

The entire premise of the Democrats’ plan is to raise the price of gasoline to the point where people can no longer afford to buy and operate gasoline and diesel vehicles.

State Democrats are trying to get this legislation rolled back into the special session September.

Fighting against the Democrat appetite to tax you is a never ending battle.

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