New Transportation Taxes from the Lamont Administration

Do you remember when Ned Lamont pushed his first major regressive tax project: Tolls Across Connecticut?

How about his second: a new “TCI” gas tax ?

Now, with working class and middle class families struggling against soaring costs of good and services to make ends meet, Ned and CT Dems are on to new regressive taxes:

Come July 1st Connecticut Democrats will be imposing 25 cent per gallon tax on diesel fuel .

Come January 1st, Democrats will be imposing a mileage tax  on all trucks traveling in Connecticut.

“These two regressive transportation taxes will only compound the economic crisis we are facing, and the brunt of the burden will be borne by those in Connecticut who can afford it least.” said Connecticut State Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto. “There was never a good time for these new taxes, and now is just about the worst time.  The new tax countdown is on, and if the clock runs out, it will be the hard working people of Connecticut who pay the price; in the form of a cost-increase on every single commodity that they purchase.”