The Things To Look Out For In the New Legislative Session

Last year the General Assembly passed a budget that provided historic income tax cuts for the middle class. In even-numbered years, new bills proposed in the “short” session are limited to “budgetary, revenue and financial matters,” per the state constitution and legislative rules.

Despite these limitations, many issues pertain to fiscal matters — meaning there are still plenty of topics up for discussion this year. So what can be expected from Feb. 7 to May 8, when the session ends?

  • A Fight for the Fiscal Guardrails 
  • Labor Reintroducing Paid Sick Time, Pay for Striking Workers & “One Fair Wage” 
  • ‘Start Your Electric Vehicle Engines’? 
  • The ‘Green Monster’ Bill 
  • Universities Clamoring for More Funds 
  • Yankee Institute & CT Center for Educational Excellence Push for Tax-Credit Scholarship
  • The “Joys” of Homeownership… and 8-30g impacts

For an in-depth review of these issues in the new session, go to Yankee Institute, here.

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