We Did It!

Below is a message from Yankee Institute, expanding on recent efforts to defeat Gov. Lamont’s regulatory proposal to ban sales of new gas powered vehicles by 2035.  But it is not over until it is over, and this issue remains active for the General Assembly.

Dear Friends and Partners,

Together, we did it!

Governor Ned Lamont has withdrawn the proposed regulation that would have forbidden any new gas-powered cars to be sold in our state by 2035!

This is a victory for all of us. Across the state, you and other residents received Yankee Institute’s emails and voter voice reminders to make their voices heard. And you did it! Over 2,000 emails flooded into Hartford!

Because of your partnership, Yankee Institute was able to keep the pressure on in a variety of ways:

  • Director of External Affairs Bryce Chinault contacted dozens of legislators about the regulation
  • Policy Director David Flemming’s analysis in the Connecticut Mirror
    disproved DEEP Commissioner Katie Dyke’s assertion that public opinion favored the regulations
  • I participated in the November 15 Capitol press conference opposing the regulations and laid out the argument against the regulations in this op/ed
  • An episode of “Y CT Matters” tackled the true costs of electric vehicles

 We were able to beat back this pernicious regulation only because we had the resources that enabled us to be nimble and strategic — thanks to your generosity!

We ask that you consider supporting Yankee Institute so we are equipped for this and similar fights ahead.

We’re not out of the woods yet. News reports indicate that Gov. Lamont plans to try to get this electric vehicle initiative through the legislature early next year — and we need to be ready.

Please consider partnering with us so we are ready for whatever comes in the New Year!

At Yankee Institute, we’re committed to ensuring that drivers — not the government — decide what kind of cars we can purchase in Connecticut, and that burdensome, expensive regulations continue to go down to defeat.

But we can’t do it without you. Please consider supporting us as generously as you can.

And thank you for joining our circle of partners and friends. Together, we can forge a brighter future for our state and its people!

Best regards,

Carol Platt Liebau
President, Yankee Institute

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